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Crazy News: Fashion Executive Pleads Guilty To Butchering His 23 Year-Old Girlfriend!

34 year-old Raul Barrera pleaded guilty on Monday for stabbing his 23 year-old girlfriend, Sarah Coit, in her apartment on Clinton Street.

According to NYdailynews, Raul who was a publicist for Propaganda NY and Coleman Entertainment Group, attacked the former Hunter College Student last year during a fight in their fashionable Clinton St. apartment. 

Raul told cops that Coit aimed at him with a knife, then dropped to the floor. In which he then stabbed her 24 times, cutting her face repeatedly.

“He didn’t want her to leave and he didn’t want her to be beautiful for anyone else,” a source told the Daily News. “It was pure anger.” 

After the attack, Barrera, who had been arrested before for assault, coldly changed his clothes and fled to Penn Station to make his getaway. 

On the way, he called his father, who persuaded him to turn himself in. 

“She is bad and that’s why I’m here to turn myself in,” he told cops at the time. 

He had sliced Coit across the mouth and jaw with such force that one of the tips of the blades broke, cops said. 

Neighbors, who said the couple fought constantly, heard blood-curdling screams coming from the apartment on the night of her murder. 

Coit, who worked as a sales rep for Lacoste, was the only daughter of Lynde Coit, a prominent financial adviser and his wife, Anne Taylor, neighbors said. 

Barrera’s trial was set to start in three days, and the plea deal did not specify a sentence length, officials said. 

His lawyer, Paul Feinman, will argue for the minimum sentence of 15 years at a hearing on Friday.”

Also, Raul is facing 25 years to life in Prison.


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