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Fantasia’s Baby Daddy ‘Antwaun Cook’ Admits To Cheating On His Wife With The Songstress!

Fantasia Barrino’s dead beat baby daddy Antwaun Cook has finally confessed to cheating on his wife,Paula Cook, while he was publicly seeing the songstress in court.

Cook’s publicist sent out a formal statement saying that he was no longer with his wife after coming to an agreement to go their separate ways. More details below………..

According to the filed documents obtained by theybf, (August 28th) from Mecklenburg County Courthouse that show that Antwaun finally admitted to what his wife has been saying over the past two years about him still being married during his relationship with Fantasia.
In the State of North Carolina, a wife is said to have the right to sue a mistress, but fanny’s team tried to prevent that from happening. Paula and Cook also went to court in 2010 to have a judge ink the official separation, and it was reported that he and the singer lied to stop his wife from filing a suit.

However, Antwaun, even admitted in the legal docs that he didn’t separate from his wife in September of 2009, and it was actually June of 2010. 

The deadbeat daddy is also dating “Bad Girls Club” star Kendra James. And that’s the real reason for fantasia kicking his lieing a-s to the curb.

Plus, during her birthday celebration in Trinidad a few weeks after dumping Cook, the ‘American Idol’ singer broke down and cried her heart out onstage. The reason: her baby daddy fleeing into the arms of another woman.


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