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There’s been a lot of talks surrounding “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ Kirk Frost fathering a child with his step-daughter, (who is Rasheeda’s biological daughter), that was exposed by a snitch close to the reality star couple.

Now, ATL rapper Gucci Mane is said to have a beef with the couple, where he decided to put out a song entitled “Shook Them Off” that was pointed at the Kirk and Rasheeda. More details below…..

In the song Gucci rapped about Kirk being gay and having a gay lover, while blasting Rasheeda for not trying to rap, being old, looking tacky and has no ass!

He raps,

I’m the type to hit park and drop my top, and your the type a guy baby mamma at da bus stop, now i’m the type a guy swing on you when i see you, you got on them dickies i got on them pu–y’s, i’m the type a guy keep money cuz i be HUSTLIN, your the type a guy i use to pay to tow my luggage, and your the type a guy hit the mall but window shoppin, Gucci can i be yo hype man HELL naw you Garbage.”

Rasheeda who has been an undercover rapstress for the past three years, with Kirk being called gay by many fans of the show, Gucci then raps on verse two of the track,

“Your the type a Bi*ch old as hell still tryna rap, and i’m the type a ni–a young as hell an i run the trap, now your the type a freak say lick your Georgia PEACH, you married to a lame and dat lame don’t wont no BEEF, now he the type a ni–a that a old lame ass Bi*ch a want, aint never drank no beer aint Never rolled no Blunt, now she da type of girl aint got no ass on her back, know Kirk aint got no money I heard she fu*Kin Cat, now Jase da type of guy go both ways like I dont know, I heard he fuckin Kirk in da ass on da D low,now Jase da type of guy tell u u gon make millions, but he’s a petifile on da low he fu*kin children”

Dam, he went in! Clearly the song was pointed at them, but i’ll let you hear for yourself. Check out the full song below:

The song was officially released in 2009, but back then the couple wasn’t so much in the spotlight.

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  1. Yo Kirk is a pedophile for real?… Gucci mane didn't hold a shit back, three years ago, and now that song clearing up rumors. DAM!

  2. Rasheeda, what goes around comes around. Stop throwing shade at K. Michelle, because he loundry needs a whole lot of bleach.

    Your cheek bones are manly, her ass is whoop sided like Karlie Redd only difference you ain go none, stop trying to sing it aint working out for you, your husband is a pedofile, like everyone hide yo kids, hide ya wives kinda thing. He looks like the bottom of my shoe in my karlie redd voice. Also trying to step yo career up and its not work in my Benzino voice., And i can go on but right now im DONE!

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