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Hall Of Shame: P. Diddy’s ASSISTANT Capricorn Fired For Stealing From The Bad Boy CEO & Pregnant With Chris Lighty’s BABY!

Word just in that P. Diddy’s former and longtime personal assistant, Capricorn Clark was fired by the ‘Bad Boy’ because she was stealing from him.
According to HSK, Capricorn was fired just a few weeks ago for being too close to his main chick Cassie, along with new details that surfaced today claiming that she also stole from Diddy, and that’s why Clark’s contract was terminated. More details below…………….

According to industry insiders,

“She worked for Diddy for so many years and now that she’s unemployed, she cannot use the company’s name as a reference to get a new job.

Capricorn committed the carnal sin over at Bad Boy Records. She was a jealous lying b*tch, she’s finished in the music industry, with no one wanting to ever f*ck with her on a professional stand point.”
In addition to being brand as a thief, Capricorn could also wear the title of a homewrecker. Because she maybe carrying decease violator’s founder Chris Lighty’s seed. And Veronica Lighty also knows the truth!


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    September 14, 2012 at 12:30 am


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