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Jay-Z Says He’s ‘Not Into Politics,’ Why He Supports Obama, Not Talking To R. Kelly & Beyonce’s Alleged Pregnancy! (Video)

During a red carpet interview at last night’s NBA 2k13 game launch party outside of his 40/40 nightclub in New York City. The 42 year-old hip hop mogul told reporters why he’s not into politics, why he’s supporting President Barack Obama, not talking to R. Kelly since 2004, and Beyonce’s pregnancy rumors.

On President Obama appearing at his Made in America concerts, and what are the chances of Obama being at the Barclay’s Center?

“No one’s appearing, no one’s performing. It’s Brooklyn! This is my one chance to be selfish. Can’t I? Can’t I be selfish? Thank you. Just for these eight shows – then I’ll get back to my “Jay-Z & Friends” shows. I get all of these guys to come out for me, so . .”

Are you having another baby with your wife Beyonce:

“No, and not in one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight or night months from now.”

On doing his eight straight nights at Barclays Center, and what’s stopping him from doing nine:

“Clearly, my stamina. When I got to eight, I felt like I would probably fall over from exhaustion. It was just eight shows. Eight shows for H.O. I should do H.O merchandise! [Slaps his forehead] what the f–k is wrong with me?”

On recently quoting R. Kelly in a tweet, are you friends again with the singer:

“I haven’t seen or spoken or hear from R. Kelly since Madison Square Garden. No, that’s not entirely true, since the deposition [laughs].”

You shared a pic on twitter where you were laying on the floor at Barcley’s, who took the pic?

Well, June Ambrose took the picture. I was just laying down there, in all of my glory, and she took the picture. I was like, “OK. I don’t usually do this, but, uh….bounce….bounce…..bounce….bounce…” [Quoting R. Kelly’s Ignition Remix]

On not liking politics:

”I don’t even like the word politics, It implies something underhanded and I think we need less government.” 

“To be honest with you I think a lot of people are serving their own agendas, so they just argue back and forth and they think about their next term.”

”And it’s more about themselves than about the people. They’re servicing the people, but we rarely get anything done because they’re going back and forth with whatever they’re doing, so I’m not really into politics.”

Jay-Z then talked about his support of President Obama:

”I support Barack because I gotta respect that sort of vision. I gotta respect a man who is the first black President ever,” he added.

”To have that sort of vision and dream, I have to support that.”

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  1. Anonymous

    September 27, 2012 at 11:25 pm

    Jigga might be rich, but this fool is somewhat un-intelligent at giving interviews. Im sorry but its the truth.

    And how does Beyonce lay down with that at night??

  2. Anonymous

    September 28, 2012 at 2:58 am

    Jigga is getting old lol

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