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Jennifer Williams & Her Estranged Husband LOCKED In TWITTER BEEF Over Court Issues!

Former NBA star Eric Williams is currently fueding with his soon to be ex-wife and former ‘Basketball Wives’ star Jennifer Williams for missing phones calls while trying to stop his well-drown out court date. 
See how it all went down below: 

Eric tweeted:

“@yabaremorre tell @iamjennifer 2call me..She know what for….(._.) I ain’t playing either……… he told a friend of jen.”

Jen then replied, 

“@EricWilliamsYO What’s there to discuss besides you dragging back the court date to the MAX??? I been more than patient! Over it!”

Eric quickly tweeted, 

“@iamjennifer I see you answer my tweets and not my personal phone calls. (._.) get rest and ill let you sleep on your response because yours don’t make cents #sense”

After that tweet, Jen was clearly over the BS, “

“@EricWilliamsYo answer your call to say you want to push the court date back 60 days! Uh NO! Please leave me alone! #block&report2spam”

One fan also had this to say,

“@EricWilliamsYo You better be on your best behavior today and I mean it!!!”

With Eric replying:

“@Kim_Monroe_ I’m good my lady. She can tweet me for publicity but can’t handle real business.@iamjennifer i await your response.”

Jen then ended the convo with,

@EricWilliamsYO let’s not forget u tweeted me first! #smartass #gdnight

But knowing Eric, he just had to close the conversation with the C-word!

Despite their personal beef, Jen also found herself in a short yet brief twitter feud with a fan who called out the former reality star,
Um being a fan of who Jen??? You aint a BBW star no more. I’m just saying!


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