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Kanye West Has A Second Sex Tape–40 Minutes Long!

Rapper Kanye West seem to be the type of guy who enjoys seeing himself on tape, as the G.O.O.D founder has a second tape that’s being shopped around to the highest bidder.

According to TMZ:

the rapper filmed himself doing the deed MORE than once in recent years … and TWO tapes are currently being shopped to the highest bidder. 

Kanye’s sex tape featuring a young Kim look-alike in a hotel room is definitely making the rounds — And there’s a second tape and the 2 are nearly identical. 

Both tapes are impressively long — the first is roughly twenty minutes … and the second is more than FORTY. And we’re talking constant action. Seriously, the guy takes no breaks. It’s incredible. Almost Sting-like. 

Tthe tapes were both shot several years ago with exes.

The tapes are currently being shopped to media outlets by a third party. 

Sources close to Kanye, has no idea how the videos were lifted from his computer — but if anyone releases the footage … Kanye plans to go after the culprits with a legal vengeance.

Um okay… Would you want to peep any of the tapes? 


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