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On Saturday night, rapper Nelly and his yet to announce official girlfriend Ashanti were spotted partying with Jermaine Dupri along with Ashanti’s little sister Shia Douglas at Atlanta’s Compound night club. Check out the pics below:

The couple who’ve been together for almost 10 years, was paired up for the entire night.

Nelly also got on the mic and spit a few verses, while partying the night away!.
image credits: Princewilliams

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  1. So quick to throw shade but slow to shine light Ashanti lil sis is a recent college grad. Way to point tht out. All ur focused on is her weight shes not even fat.

  2. @anonymonus where did you read about weight?? I don't think no shade was being thrown at her…… you might wanna read again. And i think why GWL strike the little is because the girl is all grown up.

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