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Rapper Meek Mill Puts Baby Momma On Blast Over Child Support Payments!

Rapper Meek Mill went off on his baby mama via Instagram, who allegedly asked the rapper for some cash in which he already gave her $11,000 a month before.

Now, according to his child’s mother, she needs more child support money or else she’ll be taking the Mayback Music Group rapper’s ass to court. See what Meek had to say below:

“My baby Mama is a ‘True Bum.’…. I gave her 11k, 30 days ago…. and she had the nerve to call and ask me for money. #playersf*ckuptoo. 

Rappers really need 2 start doing reality shows on how they bum b*tches be tryna f*ck up they life…..child support….divorce…..stealing…..lying…..cheating….sign me up.”

Wow, usually it’s the other way around. But do you think this was a bitch ass move or what? 


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