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Rapper Shyne Saying Jennifer Lopez Owes Hims For Protecting Her A-s During 1999 Club Shooting!

Rapper Shyne is claiming that singer/former ‘American Idol Judge’ Jennifer Lopez owes him ‘BIG TIME’ for protecting her a-s during the 1999 club shooting in a Times Square nightclub which he took the hit for and did nine years in Prison.

According to, the 33 year-old states that if he wasn’t strapped that night, Jeni from the block would have been dead or seriously injured. “I wasn’t thugging and bugging that night, you dig,” he said.

“I was actually the best behaved because I don’t drink and I don’t smoke. You dig? But I’m from the streets so when it’s time for my hammer to go off, it goes off.”

The rapper then added,

“Somebody was getting ready to pop ol’ boy’s head off. It might not have been no Jennifer movies or none of that If I didn’t pull my ratchet and squeeze off.”

Plus, there was a lot of talk this week that Bad Boy Founder P. Diddy paid out $1 Million to victims of the shooting in a quiet settlement. Along with Shyne being pissed off about Diddy not living up to his agreement to get him back in the U.S, because he’s too busy spending it on Cassie.


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