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Toronto Blog Creates “Brownout” App That Removes Chris Brown From The Internet!

Despite Chris Brown’s fortune album being labelled with warning: “Woman Beater” stickers in the UK by angry protesters… a Canadian blog has now created a “Brownout” Application that removes the “Don’t Judge Me” singer name from search engines World-Wide. 

According to Digitalspy, the Toronto based music blog ‘AUX’ created the app that deletes any reference of Brown. Producer Sam Sutherland Told CBS local:

“If he wants to get a tattoo on his neck that kind of looks like his ex-girlfriend Rihanna, then we are going to write about it. But at some point, it reaches Chris Brown idiocy saturation.”

He then added,

“All we had to do is build a frame where it recognizes the word and ignores it and literally erases it. You can see everything except his name and face.”

What’s your thought’s on this latest shenanigans? 


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  1. Anonymous

    September 19, 2012 at 4:52 pm

    That shit stupid! If anybody Dnt like him that much stop paying him attention act like he Dnt exist! Yea Chris fucked up but everybody makes mistakes n I do mean everybody! But cuz he famous n in the public eye we gotta keep the shit going?! get the fuck over it! Cuz he still got die hard fans! !!!!!!

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