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Wyclef Jean OPENS UP About His LOVE AFFAIR With Lauryn Hill On “The Wendy Williams Show!” (Video)

We recently reported that Haitian rapper Wyclef Jean was releasing his biopic “Purpose” where he talks about his ‘Love Affair” with Lauryn Hill and how she betrayed him, along with lying to him saying her first born son is his.

Now, the book is available in stores and the rapper turned author hit up “The Wendy Williams Show” to talk about the book, forgiving Lauryn even though she messed him up big time, and him running for president in Haiti. More details below:

During his interview with Wendy, he was asked about running for leader of Haiti, and had this to say:

“They took me out of the race. And officials in Haiti created a law that made me ineligible to run for office because of my residency. I’ve already been a diplomat and an Ambassador for the country, so they were afraid that I would win, so I feel ‘bamboozled.'”

The rapper also said that, when Lauryn’s son was born the child was “Yellow” and at that point he knew the child wasn’t his, and despite his wife knowing about the affair, she just never act out because she’s a classy lady.

Check out the interview below:


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