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CRAZY NEWS: New Study Shows MORE BLACK TEENS Are Likely To Be GAY Than Any Other Race!

I just had to label this as a crazy news, even though their is some truth behind this story. According to new reports, more black teens are most likely to be gay than any other race.

From June through September, Gallup asked 121,290 Americans if they personally identified as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. The results, at least when viewed through a racial and ethnic lens, did not conform to some social stereotypes. The numbers were small, but the implications large.

The poll found that nonwhites are more likely than whites to answer “yes.”

And, although, in general, younger people were more likely to answer affirmatively than older ones, young black men (those between 18 and 29 years old) were 56 percent more likely than young white men to answer yes. Young Hispanic men were 49 percent more likely than young white men to answer with a yes and young Asian men were 23 percent more likely than young white men to answer yes.

This wide discrepancy did not exist among young women. Young black women were only 12 percent more likely than young white women to say yes, and young Asian and Hispanic women were less likely to say yes than young white women.

(The only group in which older people were more likely to answer yes than younger people was among Asian men.)

It’s a head-scratcher 

The theories kept spinning, but there were few clear answers. Dan Savage, a syndicated sex columnist and the originator of the “It Gets Better” anti-bullying campaign, summed up the consensus concisely: “Boy, this is fascinating stuff.” 

On the one hand, it’s a positive statistic. It shows that the gay and lesbian community is more diverse than many believe, and it shows that many young men of color feel empowered to identify as they feel most comfortable. 

On the other, the causes behind it remain a mystery.

Also, according to Times Reporter Donald

“Black Teenage boys who realize they are attracted to men are often too poor to move to gay-friendly cities like San Francisco or New York.”

There’s also a famous black gay quote which says: I’d rather be black than gay because when you’re black you don’t have to tell your mother. ~Charles Pierce, 1980

What’s your thoughts on this latest development?

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