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Eddie Murphy & Mystery Girlfriend SPOTTED On Another Coffee Run + Zoe Saldana Put On BLAST For EXPLOITING Nina Simone’s LEGACY!

Ladies if you ever get the opportunity to date Eddie Murphy, make sure your a huge fan of COFFEE, because you’ll be doing a lot of coffee runs while dating the actor.

Now, Eddie was once again spotted out with his Mystery chick leaving a well-known coffee shop in Los Angeles earlier today. Check out the pics below:

I’m wondering if Eddie will be keeping this one or forced to dump her if she gets too clingy? I’m just saying.

Actress Zoe Saldana is being put on blast for EXPLOITING Nina Simone’s LEGACY along with her tragic makeup by fans.

According to theYBF,

Fans are complaining about the implications her casting makes about dark women of color and prejudices in Hollywood.

An interesting open letter to Zoe Saldana, posted on For Harriet, articulates for many African Americans the anger stirred up by the casting of Zoe Saldana in the upcoming film Nina, and what those actions say to Black actresses and the Black community as a whole. 

Unfortunately…all of this seems to fly right above Zoe Saldana’s head as her recent retweet about the criticism seems to assume the anger is simply about reverse racism and her light skin…..but it’s actually much deeper more about keeping true to the whole purpose of Nina’s legacy.

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