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Gabrielle Union Is People’s Magazine New Covergirl + Gives Fall Fashion Advice!

I’m a big Gabrielle Union fan, and could care less about what people think about her dating baller Dwayne Wade. And as long as she’s not giving any relationship advice…I’m good! …..Ya’ll better not quote me!.

Anyhow, Gabrielle is the new covergirl for People’s Magazine November 2012 StyleWatch issue.

During her interview with the mag, the savvy actress shares her shop-smart secrets, favorite boutiques and best bets for bargain shopping. 

“Style is about finding things that work, not about brands,” she says. “Looking good doesn’t mean nearly going broke.” Union says she’s trying to “mix up her look a little bit these days — not be so predictable.”

Check out the highlights below:

Her top shopping tip: “Know yourself. Be honest with yourself. Then go shopping.”

Her must-have piece: “Wrap dresses are always flattering. You can’t go wrong with a wrap dress. Like a DVF style. They look chic and sexy.”

Her get-sexy strategy: “Pick a part to show off and keep everything else tame,” she advises. “If you want to do a short skirt, then choose a full blouse. Sexy is about how you carry it, not how much skin you’re showing.”

Her favorite place to find a deal: “This past summer, I was introduced to Topshop. I love it! It’s like if Zara and H&M had a baby!”

The trend she loves most: “I was nervous about bright jeans at first but now I’m addicted,” she shares. “I just bought three more pairs in yellow, turquoise and teal.”

The November issue of PEOPLE StyleWatch is on newsstands today.


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