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Jay Z Has A Message For All Haters + Brooklyn Nets Players Shares A Pic Of Them All Suited Up!

Last night, rapper Jay-Z gave a message to all haters who has been talking sh*t about him along with his ownership of the Brooklyn Nets team during his third performance at the new Barclays Center in Brooklyn. 

See what he had to say below:

“We still got a long way to go because everybody wanna diminish your accomplishment. When I look at the paper and I see them talking, ‘Ehh.. he owns one-fifteenth.’ First of all, I don’t know where they get that number from but I’m cool with it. I know it’s not about me, it’s about y’all. 

What I mean by that is, it’s not personal to me. They know that if you see me standing here that you know it’s possible to achieve great things. Don’t let anybody diminish your accomplishments. It’s our motherf-cking time now.”

And according to NecoleBitchie, despite his club 40/40 being located inside of the Barclays– Jigga’s Rocawear store, a bar that sells his Ace Of Spades champagne, and an advertising agency hired by the Brooklyn Nets in which he co-owns is also located inside.

Plus, the Brooklyn Nets players shared a pic of them today all suited up in their brand new “Black & White” jersey’s.

And the team is part owned by Jay-Z with their coach being Avery Johnson. With the “B.N’s” first game against the 76er’s on October 13.


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