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I don’t know why we continue to entertain Kanye West’s shenanigans, and while he’s attacking the female reporter, Kim Kardashian can be seen laughing!…Like what the hell??…. I really want to know what MOMAGER Kris Jenner has to say about this incident!.

We reported it first: Yesterday Kimmy cakes was spotted going commando on a romantic dinner date with her rapper beau Kanye at Prime 112 in South Beach, Miami. And as they were leaving the diner, the twosome bumped into Kim’s ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush and his pregnant girlfriend Lilit Avagyan

Soon after, Kanye spazzed out on a female reporter as she tried to ask him about Bush.

Check out the pics below:

Shady kim!

Image credit: Zimbio/Tumblr/Instagram/Xposure/Twitter

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  1. Lmao..shoot if I was there I would have laughed too..y'all are backwords..ppl busting up laughing at a bus driver k.o'n a chick but kanye wrong for attacking a camera???

    And reggie girlfriend looks like kim…just less butt…

  2. Wow, what a real man!!! I am sure Kris K. would be the first one to condone this behavior since her best friend was slaughtered "allegedly" by her abusive ex-man. If he cannot control himself with something as simple as that, Kim had better not ever "DISRESPECT" him in any way. It takes a bigger man to walk away, there is never a reason to raise your hand to a woman, but only REAL men would understand that. Tells ya alot about someone's character when they can't even control a "verbal" comment.

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