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Kanye West “White Dress” (FULL SONG)

Kanye West has released his brand new track called, “White Dress” after teasing fans with just snippets a few days ago. Plus, many fans are speculating that the song is about his current girlfriend/reality Kim Kardashian, while others are saying it’s about Kanye’s ex, Amber Rose (who’s engaged & pregnant for rapper Wiz Khalifa). But who know’s, Kanye might be doing this to bump up his album sales.

Check out Yeezy’s new track below:



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  1. Vanessa Turpin

    October 12, 2012 at 11:27 pm

    It's definitely about Amber Rose ! He sucks anyways and always gotta be bashing someone….What ? Do he think he all that and a bag of chips ???? Well he ain't……. I hate him & he only jealous cos she is happy in her relationship and is living life better without him…..Kanye is a LOSER & I highly doubt that him and Kim will last !!!! Real shit(:

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