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Kim Kardashian Saying Kanye West Doesn’t Style Her, Because He’s Too Busy!

Recently, Kim Kardashian did an interview with Life & Style Magazine, where she addressed the rumors about her boyfriend / rapper Kanye West styling her, (even though we saw West cleaned out her closet on her reality show) where she claims he’s just too busy for that. 

Here’s what the reality star had to say:

“He has amazing taste,”…she told Life & Style magazine at an event for her Khroma Beauty line. “Kanye has better style than I do!”

“But Kanye doesn’t style me,… He’s a little too busy to be my stylist.”

“I wanted a change to reflect the growth that I’ve feel I’ve had over the past year,” she said. “I’m old and more mature.”

“I asked him to introduce me to new stylists and designers [including Givenchy and Lanvin] to help me get the more sophisticated vibe I was going for,” she said.

She then added:

“I’ve made tons of fashion mistakes, but they are fun to look back at. Fashion is fun, and I love to try new things and take risks.”

And according to Celebitchy,

“Kim has been wearing more in-season designer dudes lately. She wore the hell out of those new Givenchy (uncircumcised) boots when they were straight off the runway, and she’s been wearing in-season stuff from Gucci and Lanvin. Remember that awful sheet dress that Kim wore without a bra two weekends ago? That was Lanvin. Well, Kim’s taste level is always questionable, but I appreciate the idea that she’s “trying” to do more high-fashion looks. It makes the fashion fails more notable. Harsh but true.”

So do you think Kim is lying about Kanye styling her?… Check out this pic then come back and let me know your thought’s in the comment box. 


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  1. Anonymous

    October 19, 2012 at 2:56 am

    Kim is a dumb ass n like it was said up top we all saw him throw away all her shit so yea mr west ugly ass has a HUGE influnce on her stupid ass! NEXT!!! Can we b done with this bitch : /

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