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Melyssa Ford TALKS Chris Brown Attacking Rihanna, Evelyn Lozada Should NOT Be A Poster Child For Domestic Violence & More!

Okay, I just received word about video vixen Melyssa Ford talking about the 2009 infamous fight between Rihanna and her once again boyfriend Chris Brown because we the public don’t know what cause the huge blowout and yet we’re quick to judge the 23 year-old ‘Fortune’ Singer. More details below……

During a sit down with Huff Post Live’s Marc Lamont Hill, the video vixen states that the media caused the songstress and Breezy to separate in the first place, because of the backlash she would have received and that could have hurt her career and more. Plus, Ford talks about Evelyn Lozada provoking her headbutting incident with now ex-husband Chad Johnson. See the highlights below:

On Chris Brown and Rihanna showing their love for each other, despite their past altercation:

“These are two very very young people and very very famous people who found themselves in, and relied on their people to instruct them on how to maneuver through the situation. And the reality of the situation is that both of them have an enormous amount of affection and love for each other.” 

“Anyone can tell you that, ‘Love Chooses You, You Don’t Choose Love.’ And they’ve moved past it, but society choose not to, because they want Rihanna to be mad, where she refuses to do this.”

On Public Pressure forcing them to part:

“I really agree on the fact that public pressure forced them to part. Because it would have looked incredibly bad if she had stayed with him. Where people would have viewed it as a victim staying with their abuser. 

“You’ve seen Rihanna appeared on Diane Soyers, and Oprah Winfrey saying she looked into his eye’s and didn’t see him anymore– he just snapped.”

She then added:

“How many of us have been put into a position where we have been pushed to the edge, and we reacted in a way while looking back on it, and saying we could have reacted in a different way.”

On Rihanna becoming the face of Domestic Violence whether she wants to or not. Does she have a responsibility?

“She has a responsibility, but what is the expectation, what is it that we want her to do… do we want her to go to the Jenese Center that raises money to benefit victims of abuse. 

And [Chris] just did a back to school benefit for them. He has done community service and a series of different things. So, how much longer will he have to pay for this?, Because he’s lost millions of dollars, fans and has even publicly apologize for the act, while the victim has publicly and privately forgiven him.” 

“I don’t condoned violence in any way, shape or form. But you have to admit to yourself that you may have provoked the situation to the point of no return. And we as women do antagonize, waving hands in face, and poking at the sleeping dragon. And at what point do we have any sense of the accountability for our own actions.”

On Evelyn Lozada’s altercation being compared to Chris & Rih:

“I honestly think that the Evelyn Lozada’s situation and the Rihanna situation are totally two very different situations. We’ve watched four season’s of Evelyn trying to beat people up, you know she has a tendency towards violence. So I necessarily don’t think she is the poster child of domestic violence. 

“Plus the only two people who knew exactly what happened between Rihanna and Rihanna & Chis… and that goes for chad and Ev.”

What message can be sent to fans that will be talking about their reunion and allow them to move forward:

“Firstly, I’m stressing that I don’t condoned violence whether its a man against woman or woman against man.

And do I believe Chris brown should have pulled the car over and gotten out, yes I absolutely do, but we do what we see, and we have a higher expectation as to how he should have reacted, than what he was capable of doing. 

He’s basically a child at that moment fueled by alcohol, rage and love with a whole bunch of other things. And in a perfect world, a guy would have pulled the car over and walked away.


“We as celebrities have a responsibility to act accordingly while under the public eye, which lends integrity to certain situations as serious as this one. 

Rihanna appeared to have followed her heart and is deeply in love with Chris.”



  1. Anonymous

    October 6, 2012 at 4:51 am

    Melissa is right …. very right

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    October 6, 2012 at 5:07 am


  3. Anonymous

    October 6, 2012 at 1:57 pm

    Follow me on instagram Heaven1va

  4. Anonymous

    October 6, 2012 at 4:04 pm

    If Rihanna wants Chris back so badly she should gor for it… Just don't expect the public to sympathize when he does it again or she end up dead.. Some people just like being punching bags

  5. Anonymous

    October 6, 2012 at 4:30 pm

    Never return to an abuser…move forward and learn from your experiences.

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