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Mitt Romney’s “Where You Hide Your Money” CARTOON Rap GOES VIRAL + The Final Presidential Debate At Lynn University! (Video)

In the latest spoof of the Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and with the final debate between President Obama and Mitt ended last night. A cartoon rap video has gone viral, outlining what Mitt would be doing to the great United States of America if he should ever take office.

According to the creators of the video, ADHF, the single is off Mitt’s new mixtape “Based God of Latter Day Saintz,” and directed by Hype Williams. ( I can’t)…Plus, the former Governor of Massachusettes is being hunted by the IRS for trying to hide his assests, and the Mitten also channels the late ODB to plead his case to the American people. 
Check out the crazy yet funny video below:

And in-case you missed it:

During last night’s Presidential Debates at the Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida. President Obama revealed that Romney is attempting to go back to the old 1980’s foreign policy, 1950’s social policy, and the 1920’s economic policy.

The President also added that his policies would build on the progress of the last four years, honor veterans, nation building in the US, and move us forward. check out the final debate showdown below:


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