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President Barack Obama & Wife Michelle Obama COVERS Ebony Magazine November 2012 Issue!

President Barack Obama and his wife/First Lady Michelle Obama is on the cover of Ebony Magazine’s November 2012 issue, where the President talks about Jobs, Education and Health Care. 

Check out the excerpts from the interview below:

On providing new jobs:

“African Americans were hit especially hard by the recession…but over the past 30 months, businesses have created 4.5 million new jobs.”

On Education:

“We created the first-ever White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans.”

On Health Care:

“…the numbers of working poor who don’t have health care who are African American or Latino are higher than the general population…the 30 million people who are going to be able to get health care for the first time…are going to be African Americans”

Plus, the Magazine’s Ebony Editor-in-Chief Amy Dubois Barnett had this to say about the fierce couple:

“The fact that I believe in President Obama’s values, policies, intelligence and now, experience, I will vote for him because I want to have four more years during which my son sees someone who looks like him leading this country and the world.

And I was able to point to a Black man and tell my Black son, ‘That’s because he’s the most powerful man in the whole world,’ brought tears to my eyes.”

Be sure to pick up a copy of the new Ebony Mag issue! 


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