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Recently, rapper Big Sean stopped by Hot 107.9 where he talked with host Qdeezy about his upcoming album “Hall Of Fame,” while addressing He and Nicki Minaj’s rumored sex-tape along with Chris Brown music skills.

The rapper also dished about his latest album Detroit doing well on the music charts, and talks about probably doing a sex-tape if his album didn’t do good.

“If Detroit didn’t do well on the music charts, which it did, I was just going to drop a sex tape. Because sex tapes are the new mixtape”

Check out the full interview below:

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  1. Yeah, he right but I wouldn't agree with too much from a little skinny person who call they self Big Sean. . He know his scrawny behind can't handle a big ass in bed. With his cute self

  2. Aye big sean name is big sean for a reason he holdn a whole bby leg in dem drawers id watch tha flix if he drop it hot music or not lol O_O…das me waitn for da promo vids

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