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Harlem native Jim Jones is being sued by promoters over a concert in Miami, FL that ended with shots being fired by Jim’s crew.

According to CoCo’s Strip Nightclub owner’s, the rapper was slated to perform in at the Miami club in May after they paid him $5,000 to perform. But the concert was shut down before it even began.

The MiamiTimes reports:

Jones and his clique came to Coco’s at 1430 N.W. 119th Street after midnight on May 27 for a scheduled performance, but the rapper never made it to the stage. One of Jones’s friends reportedly “removed a gun from his person,” according to the club’s complaint, “and discharged it.”

“As a result, plaintiff’s entire place of business was evacuated and closed down for the night without any performance by Jones.”

Now, the well-known strip joint is now seeking damages for breach of contract and other violations in the sum of $15,000.

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