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Rapper Nas Wants A DIP In Ex-Wife Kelis Milk-Shake!

Rapper Nas (who was married to singer Kelis for five years and getting a divorce in May 2010), is saying he’s still hurt from the break up, because the pain & sh*t he felt was real. And still wants to sample his ex-wife’s milkshake one more time.

According to NME, Nas told fans during his “Intimate” London show at Under The Bridge last night:

“You know, I texted her the other night. I said, ‘Can we make love one more time?’ Seriously!”

So her milkshake does bring all the boys to the yard, especially her ex-husband. 

Also, the rapper is currently in London hosting a “Takeover” trio of shows, where he performs tonight at the London Village Underground and tomorrow night (October 3) at London XoYo.

Plus, the two-some have been spending a lot of time in Los Angeles.


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