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Say It Ain’t So!.. Jennifer Hudson & Her Fiance David Otunga Calling It QUITS?

Apparently, Jennifer Hudson and her fiance David Otunga might be calling it quits, very soon!

According to our friends over at Tattle Tailzz, insiders are claiming that David is ready to tie the knot while Hudson is just dragging her feet, and if she doesn’t shape up, he’s leaving.

RhymeswithSnitch also reports, Jennifer promised Octunga that she would start the wedding plans soon after William Balfour’s murder trial but failed to do so. Now, David is starting to believe marriage isn’t a priority for Jennifer and if she doesn’t marry him soon, it’s a wrap!.

Okay, maybe Jeni is saying David is on the DL (wrestling almost but naked) or trying to dip in her millions. I’m just saying!


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