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Snitch Alert: Nicki Minaj Ready To Air Out Some Dirty Yet Juicy Secrets About Mariah Carey On American Idol!

After Mariah Carey’s interview with “The View” Barbara Walter’s aired this morning. News went back to Nicki Minaj’s camp where the “Young Princess” quickly hopped on Twitter to air out some dirty laundry (well, not really) but Nicki did threaten to spill the full tea about her co-judge Mariah. While addressing the whole interview. 

See what the ‘Starship’ singer had to say in a series of tweets below:

She then added:

“I wld just advise everyone who isnt there to witness what’s actually going on to #keepitzafukcute 

Oop sorry brat. Shit is real in the field. Pls accept my apology 

Barbz this day shall go down in history. Cackling for the gawdts”

We all know Nicki has a temper, do you remember that altercation with her maid in L.A and another girl at the hair salon?.. And let’s not forget, picking a fight with Lil Kim

All i’m saying is that the girl has a track record…. Tracee Ellis, “Read Between The Lines.”


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  1. Anonymous

    October 5, 2012 at 3:12 am

    She doesn't make sense half the time lol

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