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BACK IN COURT: Lawyer Tells Chris Brown ” I Don’t Dance, You Don’t Talk!” (Video)

With all the crazy partying that went on over the weekend including this week, 23 year-old ‘Fortune’ singer Chris Brown was back in court for his mandatory progress hearing.

While in court, the singer tried to answer a few questions from the judge where his lawyer then shut him down, saying: “I don’t dance, You don’t Talk.”

According TMZ, The hearing (stemming from the Rihanna beating case) was pretty standard…. Brown’s lawyer Mark Geragos asked for permission for Brown to go on an upcoming world tour and discussed Chris’ community service. But the funniest moment happened when Chris’ opened his mouth in an effort to answer the judge’s question regarding his tour dates, which was later shut down by Geragos.

The judge therefore laughed and said, “We would like to see you dance, Mr. Geragos.”

Check out the clip below:


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