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Beyonce’s New Animated ‘Epic’ Movie Trailer Released! (Photos + Video)

A trailer of Beyonce’s new role on the upcoming ‘Epic’ movie has been released.

20th Century Fox Animation has teamed up with Blue Sky Studios to create yet another animated movie called “Epic.” While recruiting Beyonce to play the lead star named, “Queen Tara.

According to the producer’s of the 2013 spring/summer flick:

“The animated show tells the story of the battle between good and evil set deep within the mysterious forest. And revolves around a girl, who finds herself transported into a magical and secret universe hidden in plain sight of every human being, and that includes you. This modern version of Thumbelina — as most movies now-a-days go — must save the world from the ever present evil and she can only do that if she seek the help of the most unlikely team the magical forest could offer.”

Check out the trailer below:


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