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Drake MOURNS The Death Of His Grandmother On Thanksgiving Day!

On Thursday night during the Thanksgiving celebration, rapper Drake was in tears after losing his grandmother Evelyn Sher. Where Drizzy took to Twitter to announce his grandmother’s passing by saying:

“Rest in peace to my grandmother Evelyn Sher. What a day to go…thankful to have had the times we did.”

The rapper is said to have shared a deep bond with his mother’s mom, who spent her last days in a nursing home. Drizzy even rhymed about her on numerous occasions and even featured her on last year’s hit album Take Care.

“I heard they just moved my grandmother to a nursing home/ And I be actin’ like I don’t know how to work a phone, he also rapped with guilt on ‘The Resistance,’ an album cut from his official 2010 debut Thank Me Later.”

According to RapFlix, the emotionally-driven rap wiz featured Sher on “Look What You’ve Done,”the most revealing track on his sophomore offering. After toasting to his mother in the first verse and then his uncle in the second 16, Drake turns the mic over to Sher who talks to her grandson from her nursing home.

“All I can say Aubrey is, I remember the good times we had together and the times I used to look after you and I still have wonderful feelings about that,” she said over the somber piano beat. “So God bless you, and I hope I’ll see you.”

R.I.P Evelyn and our condolences goes out to Drake and his family. 


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