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This post brought to you by Hpnotiq. All opinions are 100% mine.
Thank god it’s Friday! And I’m hitting up the club with friends. But before I can get my groove on, I have to check out the new Hpnotiq girls only site called Primp & Prep
The site is clearly about beauty, style, celebrities (everything entertainment) with hot recipes on how to create your own wild and delicious cocktails for a great girl’s night out or if your throwing a party. 
And there’s even a pandora radio station called the Hpnotiq Harmonies which has some awsome music that I really enjoyed, and you will too. It has all the top/latest music that you can’t stop singing because its so amazing , and also some songs that I hadnt heard beforer. Now I can listen to music on pandora, make some cocktails, read up on some celebrity gossip and get beauty and style advice! It really can’t get better that that or can it?
Well yes it can, you can also get love advice, I just read the article about meeting guys at bars, and how you fellas can score on getting the hottest chick at the bar to go with you. Which is some great advice because I’m new to bars and now I know what to expect and how to achieve what I want! So why wait now, go on and check out the site and get your hair down music up! Because it’s that good!

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