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RACHETNESS: “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” K. Michelle GOES H.A.M On A Twitter Fan!

During a recent concert, “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star K. Michelle went H.A.M (Hot Ass Mess) on a Twitter follower on stage. Where she took her Iphone and put the hater on blast!.

Here’s what she had to say:

“Listen up. It’s a motha f–kin’ ratchet queen in here talking s–t to me on Twitter.[…]I don’t care how much money I make [or] how much money I get, I still don’t do no disrespect. I’ll snatch off my heels and take off my lacefront and whoop yo’ azz. So, if you gonna talk s–t Mr. [Twitter name] with that wack a– side cut you got going on, you come down in my face I swear to god[…]that’s just who the f–k I am.[…]I don’t play that bulls–t. I super don’t play that bulls–t. So wherever your punk azz is in the corner, bring your azz out here. I don’t do that, okay. I continue to have fun with everybody I love, but I don’t f–k with ratchet queens.

Check out the video below:

Via NecoleBitchie/Urbandaily


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