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Rapper Wiz Khalifa, who’s about to be a daddy soon, just got himself a new ink to add to his already many tattoos. Check out the pic below:

In other news:
Atlanta base rapper Gucci Mane is challenging any rapper to a boxing match, while saying the proceeds will go to charity. (Well i know a few industry rapper’s who would love to whoop that ass lol)
Here’s what the 32 year-old controversial rapper tweeted:

“I’m challenging any rapper friend or foe in the ring to a boxing match. Put yo money up. Who got hands not raps. Who wants the challenge. 

All deez P**sy ass rappers. 

The proceeds from the ring will go to charities. You scary ass rappers.”

Um okay….. Plus check out what a loyal fan got inked on her chest below:
Your thoughts?

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