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“Real Housewives of Atlanta” Kenya Moore Calls Out Phaedra Parks & Says Porsha Is ‘Unintelligent!’

Despite not spending this year’s Thanksgiving with her family, because she was having cocktails with NeNe Leaks and her family at their Atlanta home.

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” newbie Kenya Moore is now calling out Phaedra Parks and her cast-mate rival Porsha Stewart, who Kenya refers to as unintelligent.

Here’s what she had to say:

I watched RHOA this week in total amazement. There was Kim and her ongoing moving issues; Kandi ready to move forward into her new mansion; the revisionist historian and her intellectual challenges; and NeNe and Cynthia catching Phaedra in a boldface lie; and lastly me introducing Walter to my family and conversing about the imminent future.

NeNe and Cynthia’s scene had me rolling on the floor! NeNe is cray cray and I loved seeing her make all those faces and mimic Phaedra– classic NeNe at her best. But Cynthia milked that call for all it was worth, didn’t she? 

If they are friends, I felt it was duplicitous for Phaedra to speak of her in that manner at all. For someone that prides herself on having proper manners and etiquette, Phaedra’s profanity-laced slight at Cynthia was crass and unnecessary at best.

Phaedra has been welcoming to me thus far, and I truly hope that it has been genuine interactions. Even though I have had my fair exchange of contempt with Cynthia, I hope that we can see more sincere relations between these two and that they can mend any tension they may have with each other and move forward.

I cannot rebut the comments about me made by someone (Porsha) so painfully unintelligent that she does not know how many days of the year there are, the difference between “telling a speech” and reciting or making a speech, and what an actual FREUDIAN SLIP is versus her off-the-cuff made up nonsensical phrase “fraudulent slip”. LOL 

On a serious note, please donate to the United Negro College Fund because the mind is a terrible thing to waste. 

Okay, your thoughts?


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