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Supermodel Naomi Campbell Pays Diana Ross $500K To Perform At Her Boyfriend’s Birthday Party In India!

Supermodel Naomi Campbell is pulling all the right strings, inviting all the right A-listers and more for her ‘Indian Extravaganza,’ that she has organized for Russian businessman Vladimir Doronin’s 50th birthday on Wednesday.

According to recent reports, the 42 year-old model is said to be paying her fellow diva, Diana Ross, $500,000 to perform at the bash in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. And that’s not all, Naomi will fly the 68 year-old songstress to India in a private jet for the two-day event next week.

The celebrations will include one event at a palatial hotel and another at a historic fort. Plus, the cost for the two-night stay is more than $1700 a night with the 64-room property being already booked out for the event with no budget.

A few of the guest include Donatella Versace, Kate Moss, Giorgio Armani, and Jennifer Lopez. Miss Campbell and her Russian boyfriend has been dating since 2008, and in 2010 he threw her a lavish 40th birthday party on the French Riviera, flying black Eyed Peas and Grace Jones to the event.


Mr. Doronin is in the middle of building his girlfriend a dream home in a forest near Moscow. Check out the pics below:

The 27,524-sq. ft mansion is currently being designed by Olympic architect Zaha Hadid, and is almost completed after six years of construction.

Oh, the property also resembles a spaceship and features two large towers rising about 65 feet above the ground. 

image credits: DailyMail


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