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Rapper T.I’s wife, Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris graces the cover of Juicy Magazine’s November 2012 issue. And addresses the haters who criticize her marriage. 

Here’s what Tiny had to say, during a sit down with the magazine:

“We’ve been through all kinds of scrutiny like, ‘Why are they together?’ ‘Why does he want her?’ If we can [survive] all that and not give a damn what anyone thinks, then we can show them that we’re normal, too.”

Okay… the new issue of Juicy Mag is currently available on newsstands.


Comedian Kat Williams has been slapped with a $5 million lawsuit for allegedly punching his female assistant. According to TMZ.

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  1. Looks Aren't EVERYTHING!! & FYI ~ Tiny has ahd a Stroke in the past, Had to have plastic surgery on her face & she IS STILL BEAUTIFUL!!! HATERS!!!!!! Oan Damn even ugly people need love, *Not that she is Ugly* but she does look different from when she was with the Group Escape, But as I stated before she has had a stroke!! & STILL LOOK BETTER THAN YOU HATING ASS BITCHES!!!!. Bow…..

  2. Lmoa at the last two comments,must hurt when ppl talk bout ur family member.how much were you paid,ti is gay and im quiet that ugly chick is cover.yall need to get UR own lives bc you dont know wats up.unless ur a family taking up for them….cant hate on uglyness.lmfao..bitch plz

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