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“Basketball Wives” Evelyn Lozada Talks Royce Reed Being Fired, Chad Johnson & More + Royce Saying She Was Never Fired!

“Basketball Wives: Miami” Evelyn Lozada recently sat down with AllaboutTRH, where she talked about former ‘BBW’ star Royce Reed being fired from the show, her ex-hubby Chad Johnson, and BBW being drama free this season along with her relationship with Jennifer Williams and more. 

Here’s what Ev had to say:

Basketball Wives started filming season five already. What can we expect from this new season?

Well we started filming like three weeks ago. It’s always hard to say what to expect when you’re going into a season and you never know what’s going to happen.

You just never know what’s going to happen. I will tell you this, there won’t be no bottle throwing! That won’t happen.

Speaking of the show, how’s your current relationship with Jennifer Williams?

You know, I actually bumped into her recently which is crazy. We happened to be at the same restaurant eating. So random. But we spoke and were very cordial and that’s about it. You know, we don’t hang out and it’s just different. I don’t wish her any ill will and you know, I truly wish her the very best and I really, really mean that.

It’s just sometimes friendships change and it’s meant to be that way. And I feel like if it’s meant to go back to what it was then that’s fine too. But when you add the show, and fame, and drama it just puts strain on certain friendships. I have very few friends, people that I really call friends. Everyone else is just acquaintances.

Do you miss her at all, or do you feel that you guys are fine just being cordial?

Yeah, we’re fine at being civil.

How do you feel about Royce Reed quitting the show?

Let me just say this. When I film I give so much of me to the show. I don’t care what’s going on. So if your storyline is repetitive…you know it’s a good thing. I think that Tasha will bring more flair to the show and people will find her interesting.

Did Royce leave on her own or was she asked to leave?

She was asked.

Do you speak to her at all?

No. No. I stopped filming with her two seasons ago because I just wasn’t going to do that. And the thing is there were certain interviews she was doing, and she just fueled the fire. When the show airs there’s so much we deal with – with Twitter, the blogs are talking sh*t about you, so, whatever. But when a cast member also adds fuel to the fire…

Because my thing is, when I’m done filming I don’t really talk about anybody. I’m not going to just talk about you. I have other things to talk about. I just feel like some of her interviews went a little too far and I just cut her off two seasons ago because I didn’t want to talk about her. And I knew that if I did I would make her relevant. I’m just saying!

You say you give a lot of yourself to the show. After this rough year did you have hesitations about coming back to Basketball Wives and putting yourself out there on reality TV again?

No. I feel like reality TV is like a double-edged sword. There’s a lot of negative that you get to deal with, but then there’s also a lot of positive that comes from it like the opportunities to do this, the PETA ad, or writing a book, or having a product that you want to endorse. These are things that I probably never would’ve had if I never signed on to do the show. I’m grateful for those opportunities and don’t take them for granted.

Have you spoken to your ex, Chad Ochocinco, since your divorce?

No. We have a no contact order so we can’t really communicate.

Do you feel that you have forgiven him, or do you feel angry about the situation?

No, not angry. I feel like I do forgive him. I’m not angry. I have certain questions in my mind. It’s hard because we can’t talk to each other, but I’m not angry. I do forgive him and I would want someone to forgive me.

He admitted a few days ago in an interview that he did cheat and he said that he felt worthy of a second chance. Do you think you would ever consider that?

Let me never say never, because when I said I would never date an athlete everyone attacked me

I don’t know. I know he’s in therapy and he’s getting help and that’s what I want for him right now. I feel like if that’s meant to happen it will, but right now, I don’t think either one of us are in that space to walk down that path right now. I know he still wants his marriage but I have things I need to work on and he does as well.

Are you currently dating anybody?

No, no, no. Not ready for all that just yet!

Who are you closest with from Basketball Wives right now?

Shaunie is my BFF. The new cast member, Tasha Marbury, that’s my girl. We’ve been friends for 10+ years.

What is next with you career?

I have Youth H20. I am working on book two of the Inner Circle, I have my clothing line coming out so I’m working on that. I have a few things. I’m a busy lady!

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Royce also responded to Ev comments via Twitter, saying:

@Royce Reed Glad truth is showing I was never fired. I had a choice & I chose my dignity & soul.

@Royce Reed I didn’t want 2 be a part of the drama. They said if it wasnt 4 me & if I wasnt gonna be ratchet I should leave.I did!


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