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Ciara, Katy Perry & Carly Rae Jepsen Attends The 2012 Billboard “Women In Music” Luncheon! [Photos]

Singer’s Ciara, Katy Perry and Carly Rae Jepsen were all spotted at the 2012 Billboard “Women In Music” luncheon held at the Capitale in New York City, along with many other celebs. Check out the pics below:

Katy and Cici posing it up!….Also, with Katy being named “Woman of The Year” back in 2011 and again this year, had this to say during a red carpet interview:

“I felt like my year was last year … I thought my moment had passed. I don’t really like to call myself a role model for my fans, but I hope I’m an inspiration, especially for young women.”

Newcomer and “Call Me Maybe” hit songwriter says she is happy and surprised by her success.

“It was sort of the key to unlocking the rest of the world for me and was something that none of us were expecting.”

Also, Cici rocked a black leather dress with black suede louboutins.

Here’s the highlights of her interview with Billboard below:

What was your first reaction to being chosen Billboard’s Woman of the Year?

“I’d thought my year was over, that it was time to pass the baton. But I guess I get to hold onto it until the end of the year [laughs]. It’s truly a lovely compliment. Seeing who has been honored in the past-Beyonce, Taylor Swift and others-I’m in good company.”

With such an honor comes talk of being a role model. How does that make you feel?

“I’d like to change the phrase “role model” to “inspiration.” “Role model” puts you on a pedestal that no one can really live up to. For me, aspiring to be an artist at a young age, I didn’t think about being a role model. But I definitely thought about being an inspiration. So I hope that I am an inspiration, especially with my work ethic and my ability to overcome obstacles.”

It might mean inspiring someone to be more creative, more honest or have more integrity. All I want to do is encourage people and make them feel. It’s not always going to be feeling good. Sometimes it’s going to be, “We need to push that out, we need to get through that.” And the only way we’re going to get through that is a bucket of tears.

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