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Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran has decided to put “The Kill” clothing line on hold.

Yesterday, we noticed that there was a paused on the “The Kill” countdown, but we were not sure as to what caused the Website’s failure to launch.

However, the aspiring model turned entrepreneur released a statement on Twitter saying “she cannot put out something that isn’t.” See what else she had to say below:

“Nothing ever goes as planned. It’ll be up soon ya’ll I promise. Xoxo  

Patience is a virtue. I hate to say it, but we’ve postponed the launch date. I will not put anything out that isn’t ?. Sorry guys ?”

Now, we also got an exclusive tip from an insider, who is saying that Kar postponed the launch because she’s not happy with the inventory and is working on that before going public:

“Many people are waiting to see Karrueche fail, and continues to say bad things about her and “The Kill” line in the media and on Twitter. But when you try to fight an innocent girl, she’ll only push harder to prove everyone wrong. 

She failed to launch because of her current inventory along with a few other personal stuffs that she needs to get taken care of. Don’t get it twisted, “The Kill” is going to launch in a few days, (hopefully) if everything goes well. 

Note that the media is giving us free advertising, so “THE KILL” is what we about. And Rihanna has nothing to do with this delay.

And speaking of Rihanna— Rih posted a letter to her Navy on Instagram talking about her success in life while titling the letter, “Unapologetic 12.12.12,” which was Kar’s official launch date.

So do you think she was mocking Kar for not coming through, because she has never failed to meet her deadline in the 7 years she’s been in the business along with 7 albums?

shout to @sham_jay

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  1. Karreuche needs to get a real job instead of depending on a man financially. She is an aspiring model, an aspiring entrepenuer but even at those two she has failed. Rihanna is a successful person making her own money, yet Chris Brown beat her to pulp. What then wont he do to someone who is totally dependant on him. He no doubt have you guys in his grip. Get a real job if you want to remain relevant.

  2. But that is what Chris likes. He wants to feel dominant in the relationship and by dating a nobody who depends on him financially he has the upper hand. In past interviews, Rihanna said that she now sees there were control issues with Chris. He wanted to feel in control in the relationship and when he would get insecure, or feel her career was overshadowing his, he would put her down and use verbal abuse. Well, Karrueche has no career to speak of and she depends on Chris for a roof over her head, clothes on her back, and no doubt, he is the one financing her new hobby (The Kill). It's sad, but I don't think he wants, or could handle, an independent woman with a career and life of her own. He now wants a do-nothing woman whose life revolves around his. Sad…

  3. First of all why did they find it necessary to mention Rihanna's name? Business is Business people get fired from corporations for crap like this, if you advertise you are going to do something you do it, or your brand is already in the negative, no one will work with and unprofessional person. This girl better go take a Business 101 class before launching anything, and they way it was handled was ghetto and unprofessional, no one has to wish bad on you, you have proven to be a failure, period!!!! The financing for this probably came from Chris, like the house and the car and the gas money, how can you let someone have that much control over your life? what would she do if something were to happen to him? do these people even think ahead? she is not his wife, she is nothing if something happens she is basically on the street. SMDH!!!! she needs to stop worrying about Rihanna, Rihanna takes care of her reponsibilities, she works hard and she party hard but when it comes time for her albums she is on lock down and meeting her deadlines, instead of running to Paris last week she should have been handling her business.

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