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EYE CANDY: “Writer & Model” Adonis O’Holi Talks Favorite Sexual Position, Being A British Model & More! [Photos]

Ladies meet writer/actor/British model Adonis O’Holi who recently sat down with GWL for a very candid interview about his personal life, being a UK based actor, doing modelling gigs, his upcoming 2013 Calendar, favorite sexual position and more. See what he had to say below:

How did you get into the business:

“Well I was spotted by photographer Sean Hickey and then decided to promote myself.”

Did you always want to be a male model and actor:

“No, when younger I wanted to become an actor, I went to Sylvia Young’s performing arts school, but then I wanted to be a footballer.”

If you could work with any one who would it be:

“I would most definitely have to say Denzel Washington, Morgan freeman or Al Pacino. Those are the people who inspire me the most.”

What was your inspiration behind becoming a model along with the hardest and fun part of being a model:

“I got injured playing football, I wanted to make something of myself regardless of any circumstance, so I thought up a plan and followed it. While getting the message across that I’m more mind and brains and my looks are just bonus. So, bringing to life what was once just an idea and then seeing people’s reaction to it– is just overwhelming.

But I’m not really interest in modelling as such anymore, it was a path to another place.” 

If you could change anything about the industry what would it be:

“More professional and not so fickle– it’s like your less of a human being in the industry also in terms of feelings and emotions becoming secondary to non existent.”

Is it easy to have a love life being that you have so many fans trying to get you in bed?

“It’s not so easy to have a love life when your the entertainment industry, not because of the life style but because people seem to think you’re no longer ordinary because you’re desired etc… I’ll always be a normal guy because I know the truth.”

How hard is it to maintain your physique and a normal life”

“It’s very easy. I go to the gym 2/3 times a week, I sometimes take a week or two off and stay the same, however, my life is my work, I am in love with my work and so I’m in love with my life.”

Now, before I let you go, I think our ladies would like to know something personal about you, in-terms of what is your favorite sexual position and female body part?

I actually invented my own favorite position which I can’t explain, but in terms of known positions, it’s gotta doggy.

Have you ever done a threesome?

Lol I haven’t, been offered, but then they get to know me and don’t want to share! Lol. It’s not something I’d go after, I never chase.

On your calendar video, you was saying a few naughty things, Do you like talking naughty?

It all depends on whether she’s been a good girl, or a naughty girl 

Do you think you’re a good kisser?

Not to blow by own horn, but god dammit! Lol Nah, you can’t have lips like these and not be.

Has anyone ever accidentally seen you naked?

Yes! My neighbours was banging on my door 3 in the morning because of the noise, I was really busy and didn’t like that I was being interrupted, so I opened the door to tell her to go away… And there I was, right there lol

What’s the sexiest outfit a girl should wear to turn you on?

Hmm, I’m more of a lingerie guy, but if she must… I’ve never been arrested before, so lets try that out it’s hot so wear the shorts lol

What’s your idea of a good foreplay?

“Good for play is when you don’t want it to end but you’re bursting for the main show, it’s more than physical, it’s a full connection mind, body and spirit, it’s when the very ghosts of you are being touched.”

What’s your favorite sexual fantasy?

It’s night, it’s raining lots, the motorway/highway is not empty but not so busy, pulled over to the side and on the roof top of the car under a light post… Cars going by –would have to try not to crash. 


So have you ever sexted your pictures before?


You said you get hit on a lot by guys, so would you ever experiment with the opposite sex lol.

“Yeah I seem to attract many guys and that’s cool I take it as a compliment, but if there were suddenly no women in the world, I’d give it a week for the problem to be solved, [laughs] before walking off the planet.”

Anything advise you want to give to people trying to make it in the industry?

“In life the are many wants and desires. Money is always in motion, always coming and going. So don’t look for it, it’ll find you. Put your mind on the love and passion of what you want to do and achieve. The rest will take care of itself [laughs]

See more photos below:

Watch his promo video below:

To get Adonis’ 2013 calendar you need to send your valid email address, shipping info, & desired quantity to ( then you will receive an invoice from PayPal so that you can purchase it.



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    You forgot to ask him who his best friend is?! LOL 😉

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