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FROM THE HEALTH DOCTOR: Green Wells EECP Clinic The World’s Best Kept Secret!

EECP® Therapy patient……What is EECP Therapy? For people with angina or heart failure, even simple activities –such as going to the mailbox or walking the dog– can be challenging.  If you are one of these people, take heart. There is a non-invasive treatment called EECP therapy that clinical experience has shown to be safe and to have benefit for the treatment of angina and heart failure.

Approximately 80% of patients who complete the 35-hour course of EECP therapy experience significant symptom relief that may last up to three years.  EECP therapy is an outpatient treatment for angina and heart failure. Treatments are usually given for an hour each day, five days a week, for a total of 35 hours. During the treatment, you lie on a comfortable treatment table with large blood pressure-like cuffs wrapped around your legs and buttocks. These cuffs inflate and deflate at specific times between your heartbeats. 

A continuous electro cardiogram (ECG) is used to set the timing so the cuffs inflate while the heart is at rest, when it normally gets its supply of blood and oxygen. The cuffs deflate at the end of that rest period, just before the next heart beat. The special sensor applied to your finger checks the oxygen level in your blood and monitors the pressure waves created by the cuff inflation’s and deflation’s  Please view our icon on How it works to view the video.  

During the hearts resting phase, when it normally receives its supply of blood, the cuffs inflate, pushing oxygen rich blood towards your heart. Just before your heart begins to pump again, the cuffs rapidly deflate and blood leaves your heart without the muscle having to work as hard. You are a candidate for EECP if you check one of the following boxes. 

Please call GreenWells EECP and schedule your first free treatment. Our treatment is beneficial for a number of other illnesses so please take a look at our section containing information about us. 

1. Do you ever get symptoms like the ones you circled above when walking 1 or 2 blocks on level ground or climbing one flight of stairs at a normal pace?   

Yes No 2. Do you feel that these symptoms limit your activities of daily living such as household chores, shopping or leisure?  

Yes No 3. Do you ever get these symptoms at rest, after eating, or just watching television?  

Yes No 4. Do you ever awaken at night with these symptoms?  

Yes No 5. Have you decreased your activity in the past 6 months due to these symptoms?   

Yes No 6. Do you avoid activity because you might get these symptoms?   

Yes No 7. Do you take nitroglycerin tablets before certain activities to prevent these symptoms?  

Yes No 8. Are you dissatisfied with your current quality of life because of lack of energy, symptoms, or inability to engage in your normal activities of daily living?  

Yes No 9. Have you ever had bypass surgery?   

Yes No 10. Have you ever had an angioplasty or a stent?  

Yes No Life Starts in the Blood  An illustration of a man receiving EECP treatment. Behind the bed is an eecp therapist educating the patient on the process of EECP.    

The Worlds Best Kept Secret, GreenWells EECP Therapy. While the heart is resting the cuffs are inflated in rapid sequence from the calves upward, creating a pressure wave that increases diastolic pressure, coronary artery perfusion pressure, and blood flow to the heart muscle.  

This compression of the blood vessels in the legs also increases the volume of the blood returned to the right side of the heart via the venous system.  Deflation of all cuffs at the onset of the hearts contraction lowers the resistance of the heart must pump against, decreasing the hearts work load.  When coupled with venoust return it significantly raises cardiac output.  It is our mission at GreenWell EECP clinic to give our patients the opportunity to once again live their lives to the fullest. 

We are eagerly, committed to helping every patient find the relief that they were looking for. Some say, but we are convinced the world’s best kept secret is GreenWells EECP.

Note: I’m a new health writer for GWL Magazine, so you’ll be seeing updates from me, “The Health Doctor,” from time to time.



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