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Healthy Tips: Check Out These TOP 5 Ingredients To LOOK SUPER SKINNY In 2013!

Are you like obsessed with foods? Especially looking your best before the Summer holiday’s and loves that after supper meal? Well there’s no need to be judging what you eat after your main course, because following these five food ingredients (Health Doctors APPROVED) you’ll be looking slim and trim in no time.

We’ve came across 5 TOP ingredients to help prepare a healthy supper salad to replace that heavy main course. 

1). Before I dropped 50 pounds (YES 50 POUNDS) in just one month, I had this Vinegar cider or Vinegar mixed with Orange (OMG, I’m about to get real personal– it was before sex) trust me that was a work out! The next day I was energized and doing little work outs in my room for 30 days– and it wasn’t even expensive– talk about $10!!!!! My stomach was gone, my thighs were thinner, and I more energized! And if you hate Vinegar try Apple Cider in your juice not on the salad!

2). You cannot have a top five ingredient salad without “Whole Grains” which is rich in fiber. Just by adding wheat berries or barley to Chili gives it even more staying power- no hungry time.

3). Eating a first-course salad can reduce your overall calorie intake at meal time by 12 percent. So always choose the freshest Salad Greens in supermarket to kick off that slimmer trim. Plus, a salad may prevent you from overdoing that High-Calorie intake.

4). Let’s add some “Beans” to that Green Salad– beans are good for your heart, keeping you full and blasting that belly fat away.

5). We mentioned earlier that whole grains and chili together are good for energy boost. According to researcher’s, capsaicin, gives fresh chili’s and spices including cayenne and chipotle their kick can boost metabolic burn. In other words feel free to try new spices if your not a fan of chili.

So, prepare that healthy salad and get that body you’ve always wanted.


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