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Is Tom Cruise Gay? Gives Top Secret Deposition in $5 Million Wiretapping Case: “permit no one to view”

In 2009 Tom Cruise, critically acclaimed actor and star of the new movie Jack Reacher, was accused along with his lawyer, Bert Fields, of conspiring with private investigator Anthony Pellicano to wiretap phones.

The $5 Million lawsuit was filed after the current plaintiff, Michael Davis Sapir, was previously sued by Cruise in 2001 for offering a $500,000 reward for evidence that would prove Tom Cruise was gay.

Cruise gave a deposition before Christmas that related to the wiretapping case, but went through great lengths to ensure it remained private until after the case was closed. Cruise said that “only one original videotape of the deposition shall be made,” and he instructed his custodian who he appointed as the only person allowed to safeguard the tape to “permit no one to view, audit or copy the videotape.”

Cruise did everything but program the tape to self-destruct in 5 seconds so what’s on the tape and what is he hiding?


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