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Young Money Rapper Tyga was sued in 2011 by his accountant, Robert Seltzer, who claimed that the young rapper made a verbal agreement with him to use his credit card to purchase various items during his tour and pay him back afterwards, but apparently the rapper never did.

Tyga’s expenses only total to a paltry $13,396 so it’s a mystery as to why the artist could not pay his debt unless he is broke!!

Anyway, the YMCMB star “made it nasty” when he failed to show up to his court date and the judgement was defaulted in favor of his accountant to the the tune of $16,000, which covered the interest. TMZ Sources say Tyga has paid some of the cash back, but what’s going on here?

Where’s Tyga’s money at? All them gold chains and no change just doesn’t add up.

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