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Kenya Moore PUT On BLAST For Flirting With Apollo & Hooking Up With A Former Married NBA Baller!

On Sunday night’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” many fans could help but noticed Kenya Moore’s wondering eye on Phaedra Park’s husband Apollo while her boyfriend Walter & Phaedra was present, during a double date.

Despite trying to explain what really happened that day, many fans turned on Moore for trying to sleep with a married man while putting her on blast for sleeping with a former NBA baller who she was having a marital affair with.

Here’s what the former Miss USA had to say:

“I’m obviously meeting with Apollo and Phaedra to discuss working on a workout video. I’m a very honest and vocal person and don’t consider complimenting Apollo on his physique flirting and certainly meant no harm or disrespect. Naturally, fitness and physique play a role in our potential upcoming venture. All present knew that it was not flirting. Phaedra had no issues with my compliments or jokes nor did my guy. And who flirts with their mate present if they were up to no good? Really, who does that? It was lighthearted and harmless people. It is still my opinion that Apollo is fine and Phaedra is a lucky woman but that is Phaedra’s husband. And I’m not interested in her husband or anyone else’s husband. Enough said”

Now here’s what a few critics had to say:

1)”I think you are incredibly transparent and clearly just acting up, acting out and just being plain ‘ol ridiculous to gain more air time. Fortunately I think viewers will see right through you, as I have, see how insincere you are and your desperation for fame and you won’t be on the show very long.”

2)”I have highly disliked you all season. However, after watching the youtube video clip of you at the Wendy Williams Show, I find you more reasonable now.”

3)”Kenya you are really coming off like a real idiot, no one likes for any woman/man to touch, or pretend like they are smooching up to their man/woman. Its equally disrespectful to push a man who you’re not related to into a pool in front of a man (Walter) you claim you’re dating. But everyone know this dude is not that into you. So move on. But then again I hear that you don’t mind hanging with married men, like that certain ball player. If you want to get married stop your antics and close your mouth, looking pretty hasn’t moved you closer to marriage and a family. Learn to be respectful and put a filter on that mouth. If you have to embarrass yourself for money and temporary fame to a limited audience, think twice, it ain’t worth it.”

4)”You are very disrespectful. After the first couple of episodes your true character was revealed. How can you flirt with another woman’s husband so blatantly. You are not Miss USA material at all. I really hope they remove you from the show.”

5)”Since when is talking about a man’s body in a sensual manner not considered flirtatious? I mean seriously, what are you on? You’re classless. You make Kim and Kandi look elegant.”

Plus, (Kenya who is currently on vacation), another fan of the show had this to say:

6)”Have fun on your vacation!!!!! I hear that hell is nice this time of year.”

Your thoughts? 


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  1. Anonymous

    April 4, 2013 at 12:04 am

    Well I feel its disrespectful for her to flirt with someones husband. But remember ppl there's always two sides to a story and Apollo is no better. Cause he shouldn't have flirted back, and furthermore Phaedra should open her mouth and put them both in there place while it was being done in her face.. so if she like it I love it. I think keep the show rolling because if Apollo had any respect for his wife none of this would have went down and all that Kenya was doing would been avoided. It takes two to tangle so I don't feel she should be the only one being faulted for both of there wrong doings.

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