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Kenya Moore Threatens To Sue Funky Dineva Over A Stolen Check, Invasion of Privacy & Bank Fraud!

After Walter Jackson put the former Miss USA on blast for paying him to be her on-screen beau, and hitting up the Wendy Williams show to prove the accusations were false, to now being exposed about buying a home in Atlanta. 

The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” newbie Kenya Moore is threatening to sue blogger Funky Dineva for posting a stolen check with her address on his website earlier this week.

However, Dineva found the check showing that Moore does not own her house but actually rents it.

And according to Dineva,

“Kenya is saying she is burdened with the stress of her uncertain fate with Bravo after running the lead storyline of their hit show, and is threatening to sue me for ‘Criminal Invasion of Privacy.’ But the only thing I’m guilty of is being smart and resourceful.”

Here’s what the email sent by Kenya to Dineva had to say:

As a result of your client, Quentin Latham, posting a stolen check of mine online on his website located at :More Scandal: Kenya Moore RENTING 4k Roswell Home, Rent Check To PROOVE it, He has since redacted the full address from his initial posting online which we have as evidence, he and his accomplices have broken several laws punishable by jail time. 

I have spoken to my attorneys and have filed a police report and will be speaking to the DA tomorrow to proceed with Criminal prosecution of Invasion of Privacy, bank fraud and a civil lawsuit. The first two 2 charges mandate jail time if found guilty. 

As a result of this breach of my security and criminal theft by conversion, my bank accounts have been compromised and hacked.
My life and my personal security is not a joke and I will prosecute these relentless and ignorant common criminals to the fullest extent of the law.

Your thoughts?

Just to keep in mind:

In Georgia, the elements of a publication of private facts claim are: (1) the disclosure of private facts must be a public disclosure; (2) the facts disclosed to the public must be private, secluded or secret facts and not public ones; and (3) the matter made public must be offensive and objectionable to a reasonable man of ordinary sensibilities under the circumstances.

Georgia law does not impose liability for publication of information that is of legitimate public concern or newsworthy. Wilson v. Thurman, 445 S.E.2d 811, 813 (Ga. Ct. App. 1994). Georgia courts have repeatedly affirmed that reporting about issues concerning crime and criminal investigations are matters of public interest and cannot support a claim of invasion of privacy.

Relying on Public Records

In Georgia, you generally cannot be held liable for publishing truthful information obtained from government records open to public inspection. Courts have applied this protection to information obtained from court records and statements made before a public body, but it could apply to other government records as well, both because of a potential constitutional privilege and because the information is already exposed to the public eye.


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    December 13, 2012 at 4:51 pm

    its about to go down orange

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