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President Obama Named TIME’s “2012 Person of the Year”

Twenty-seven years after driving from New York City to Chicago in a $2,000 Honda Civic for a job that probably wouldn’t amount to much– to staying in the presidential suite on the top floor of the Fairmont Millennium Park hotel and being re-elected twice in a row, President Barack Obama has earned the titled of this year’s “2012 Person of the Year” by TIME Magazine.

The fame photographer, Nadav Kander, who photographed the President, had this to say:

“When photographing such a high profile individual, it’s a huge challenge to not let their high profile take over the process. I wanted to make a meaningful photograph that reflected pause in a person’s life and reflect his humanity.”

The President also talked about being re-elected twice with the Magazine:

“This one’s more satisfying than ’08,” he said. “It wasn’t just about what I was going to do as President. It’s what I’ve done.” In the end, the outcome would not even be very close, and this realization was sinking in, unleashing something, dropping a shield he had been carrying for a long time.

And TIME’s managing editor Rick Stengel spoke about choosing Obama as this year’s “2012 Person of the Year,”

“We are in the midst of historic cultural and demographic changes, and Obama is both the symbol and in some ways the architect of this new America.”


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  1. Anonymous

    December 20, 2012 at 7:56 pm

    Nice pic of the President!! Love Him❤

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