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Rapper The Game HITS THE GYM & Goes On A DIET Before His “Jesus Piece” Tour! [Photos]

Even though we’re not sure as to what’s going on with The Game and his fiance Tiffney Cambridge’s wedding. 

The Compton rapper has shared tons of photos on Twitter and Instagram page showing off his new workout and dietary plan before his upcoming “Jesus Peace” tour in a few weeks. 

Check out the pics and the rapper giving you his dietary and intense workout tips below:

“Day 4: I had a shake for breakfast… Then a good salad for lunch & then hit California Fish Grill for Baram”

“Day 3 dinner: Vegetable soup, medium well white fish, broccoli, carrots & asparagus.”

“Hoodmorning (no typo) …. Day 2 of 60: Day 1 was easily conquered but this morning I’m on the go…. Gotta”

“Day 1 of 60 dinner….. Grilled salmon, caramelized carrots.. & a very tall glass of H2O … Y’all still wit”

“Day 1 of 60 is almost done…. Workout finished.. Now to have a healthy dinner wit my lilbro @bwsbyrd … W”

“Day 3 workout wit @bwsbyrd…Bands Ah Make Her Dance”

“Day 2 dinner: Grilled trout & red braised cabbage… Lemon water & we out this thing. Stay motivated ! You k”

“I am on it !!! I got faith in YOU to keep it going on your end. I BELIEVE in you.#Leggggggooo” he then added: “Leds and Cardio”

“Day 2 lunch: Field Greens salad with pecans & chopped salmon & dijon vinegarette. Glass of water & I’m on my”

“Meal 2 of the day Organic Raisin Bran Clusters & lowfat milk…. Next up… Intense workout with my lil brot”

He also captioned the pic above: “Lunch: Maui salad (mixed greens, mango slices, avacado, tomato, red onions & light vinegarette dressing) chi”

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  1. Anonymous

    December 8, 2012 at 3:05 am

    i need to get on that diet – peach

  2. Anonymous

    December 8, 2012 at 8:21 am

    Dat don't look home cooked.. Just sayin.. Good start G.. Touring is gonna be another mafo eatin. Better bring Tiff wit ya too bring the buns.. lol.

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