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Terrell Owens Responds To Begging “Clippers” Coaches For A Two Week Contract!

Recently, “Clippers” baller Blake Griffin, who appeared on the Dan Patrick radio show, claimed that ex-NFLer Terrell Owens was lingering around the teams training facility and begging coaches for a two week NBA tryout over the summer.

Now, Owens is saying Griffin was just joking about the 10 day contract, and he’s actually friends with him. 

And according to T.O’s rep, “Terrell was at the Clippers practice facility over the summer, but only because Jasen Powell–Terrell’s good friend—is the team’s head trainer.”

TMZ also adds, “As everyone knows, [Terrell] can play a serious game of ball.”

I feel T.O might be too embarrassed to admit that he was begging coaches for a contract, because he could use the money.

image credit: Hollywoodbrief


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  1. mrdaveyd

    December 13, 2012 at 5:47 pm

    somebody loan TO some money (brown)

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