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25 year-old former Kansas City Chief linebacker, Jovan Belcher, who shot and killed his baby mama Kasandra Perkins and shortly after committing suicide on December 1st, 2012, was reportedly intoxicated at the time of the incident, according to the Jackson County Medical Examiners office.

The autopsy, which was performed on Dec. 2nd, showed Belcher had a 0.170 mg of alcohol in his system, which is double the legal limit in Missouri, according to authorities.

KMBC also reports, hours before he killed his 22 year-old girlfriend, police officials said they saw Belcher’s car parked outside an apartment building on Armour Boulevard just after 3 a.m. When they spoke to him, he identified himself as a Chiefs player and told officers he was going to see a friend who lived in the building and didn’t plan to drive anywhere.

Officers spoke with him, asked him to get out of the vehicle, and then told him to go ahead and go upstairs into the apartment. They said it would be the best thing for him to do because he would have a lot to lose.

Also, the former couple leaves behind a one year-old daughter named Zoey.

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